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What we do?


MENABAY.COM was created with a very simple goal in mind: Help our visitors find the very best deals on products and services Leads that the Internet has to offer. International visitors can take advantage of a wealth of information including trade, import, export, laws, and transportation to name only a few. There are currently two main areas to the MENABAY.COM site.

These are our International Trade Leads, and International Company Listings features. Trade Leads, is a feature focused on giving visitors an easy place to post trade offers and requests. With a large international audience, this section is an excellent place for you to list your trade lead.

Lots of customers, who include small businesses, Small-office, home-office operators, and salespeople, use our products and services to find new customers, increase revenue, cut selling costs, and increase their profits. The large corporations use our database for direct marketing, database marketing, analyzing their customers and making their sales and marketing more productive and efficient. Our Companies feature is a directory of some of the best companies on the world markets.

While still in the early stages, we hope to create a solid directory of qualified international companies for both local and international visitors.

To support the strategic role of the international trade, MENABAY.com was formed to undertake the important task of trade directory publishing. To be the preferred business partner in achieving growth with our business communities through innovative and effective ways of facilitating global business. Promote a vibrant culture in a conducive environment that fosters personal development, workforce cohesiveness and professional work ethic, therefore making a career both rewarding and fulfilling. Align our strengths, focus and commitment as active stakeholders to work towards becoming a customer-oriented organization


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