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Menabay.com is the leading international online shopping marketplace, originated with the idea of facilitating our visitors to discover a platform where they can uncover the best deals on products and services made in Pakistan. Comprising of substantial information from trade, import, export, laws to transportation, etc. it is no less than a trump card for international visitors.

Currently, Menabay.com is mainly highlighting two areas that are, our International Trade Leads and International Company Listings features. Trade lead is a feature focused on selling locally manufactured products made by Pakistan and allows you to expand your business and make money . We have big-time scope for you to explore unlimited opportunities for broadening your income horizon . With the presence of a large audience, this is a top-notch place to exhibit your list of trade lead. This plan of action has empowered lots of customers, which include small businesses, small offices, home office operators and salespeople.

Using our products and services will enable you to scrutinize a large pool of customers consequently leading to an increase in your revenue plus, reducing your selling cost hence generating greater profits. The massive organizations benefit themselves by availing our database for direct marketing, database marketing, looking over their customers and making their marketing more high yielding, cost-effective and streamlined .

Still going through the early stages, we aim to always be inventing on behalf of our customers and reach a maturity phase by developing a firm directory of certified and professional international companies for both local and international visitors. Being B2B marketing, we look forward to create a positive impact on our customers and rule internationally with the display of a reservoir of Pakistan vendors, Pakistan wholesalers and Pakistan market exhibiting the most exclusive and contemporary products and services manufactured in Pakistan on this site.

For holding up the well thought and strategic functioning of the international trade, Menabay.com is set up to take up the charge of salient engagement of trade directory publishing. The idea of the b2b Pakistan marketing portal on our site perpetuates the most accessible online shopping promoting two strongholds i.e. endorsement of a vibrant culture of Pakistan industry in a conducive environment and development of the market of traders who are customer-centric.

Our motto is to promote a versatile local industry of Pakistan globally, allowing international customers to enjoy the perquisites! With the fast-growing local industry of Pakistan, the account of the major percentage of growth of Pakistan exports have increased greatly due to high-quality products at competitive prices varying from household items to luxury items. Over the years the loyalty of production and manufacturing base has broadened the capacity of a large number of sellers leading to a reduced number of Pakistan imports.

We are proudly dealing in the following categories:

Babies and kids:

We offer a wide range of high-quality babies and kids wear with exclusive design. What can be better than pocket-friendly outfits for your kids?

Home decors:

Handicrafts of Pakistan have a rich and diverse history. Our collection is inclusive of  décor items such as Himalayan salt lamps, antique hand-carved items, showpieces, kitchen decoration items, wall frames, lamps, etc..

Women’s fashion:

From women’s elegant footwear and dresses portraying the ethnic culture of Pakistan to trendy party and bridal wear. You can shop online for all types of clothes ranging from exquisite colors and designs to various types of fabrics such as silk, cotton, chiffon, etc.

Men’s fashion:

We are successfully in line with  men’s fashion from traditional shalwar kameez and khussa, casual wear to classy formal suiting.

Sports goods

Menabay.com offers a wide variety of sports goods to its customers with the production legacy of Sialkot since the Mughal era. We exhibit exceptional premium quality sports goods at very economical prices.

Dry fruits

Blessed with very fertile land, Pakistan has a surplus in producing many dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, raisins, pine nuts and pistachio which has led to brisk activity in the locals market as well in the international market.

Home textiles:

Pakistan is the 8th largest producer of textile products and the demand clearly depicts the quality of products sold has not failed to capture the international market. We have collection of  woolen yarn, acrylic yarn, fabrics, shawls, blankets and carpets.

Leather items:

If you are obsessed with some very exquisite and original leather products such as bags, jackets, pants, shoes and other daily wear products then you can find a line of trustworthy sellers, each of them unique in their own ways.

Surgical supplies:

Sialkot, Pakistan is renowned for the inheritance history of being the hub of manufacturing high-quality surgical instruments and is well known for its hike in the export industry. We supply a comprehensive range of finest surgical instruments at competitive prices around the globe.

Beauty and care

Menabay.com is not lying behind in its massive list of beauty and care products such as toiletries including soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and skincare products including lotions, face washes, oils, beauty creams, hand wash, moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliates, serums, nail care and many more.

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