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Eyelash Extension  Tweezer NUM-09

Eyelash Extension Tweezer NUM-09


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(10 USD per unit )

Sold By: NUMC

No. of Units: 10 items per Package

Package Weight: 100.00 g

Delivery Days: 10

Estimated Delivery Date(If you order today): 07-04-2023

Selling as Lots/ Bundle : Yes


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Feature Overview

  • What we adopt: our tweezers are made of high quality of stainless steel anti-magnetic and acid-resistant durable in long term use.
  • Usage: the tweezers are designed for grafting eyelash to meet the requirements of eyelash work.
  • The fine pointed tip can easily maneuver into any direction or angle
    other use
  • They can be also used to jewelry making, nail art, electronics reparation and laboratory work etc.also can be a gift for your lash artist beginner friend
  • Professional quality
  • Thin, perfectly aligned tips to grasp and remove even short, thin hair
  • Ideal for shaping eyebrows and general tweezing
  • Stainless steel

Colours Available
( USD 100.00)    ( 0.1) kg

We encourage you to contact us and discuss with us your requirements. We would be glad to offer you a price quotation and see how we can satisfy your needs and work in collaboration with your esteemed organization.You can use the "Request for Quotation" from below to order this particular product. We will send you quotation for your order.

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SKU: SKU-MENA-769C3BCE651CE5F1592558944

HS Code: 0804.2000

Categories: Beauty & Care -> Manicure Tools

  • What You Get: A high-quality surgical steel, medical grade tweezer with a very strong, comfortable grip that professionals use.
  • Professionally certified eyelash technicians use our luxurious products at our locally-owned Fabu salons located here in the state of Wisconsin.
  • Quality: Our premium instruments are specially crafted and engineered with high-quality design to reveal maximum potential. Trusted and inspected to be rust-proof and acid-proof.
  • This stainless steel, long-lasting, durable application tool meets industry material standards and approved.
  • Different: Extra fine precision for seamless removal and effective, controlled grooming of eyebrows and extensions. Sleek, sharp design: provides durability, easy to clean. Design is also perfect for removal of blackhead, splinters, smallest of facial or ingrown hair, plucking, nose, brow, and first aid.
  • Perfectly calibrated tension and proper alignment provide control and precision, with care for the environment.
  • It helps to create natural-looking Russian volume or classic look from our line of premium lash products.
  • No man or woman will be stressed or unsatisfied with our quality.

Brand NUMC
Country of Orgin Pakistan
Made in (Country) Pakistan
Package Weight 100.00 g (0.1 kg )
Package Dimensions 6.7 (l)X 3'(w) X 0.5(h) cm
Recommended Gender Female
Colours Available: PINK, SILVER, WHITE, YELLOW,
Material Stainless steel
Usage Hair Clipping
Tool Size 4-1/2
Type Tweezer


Supplier Code: REF-SELL-157

numc international is a manufacturing company of beauty tools like scissors,eyelash tweezers, manicure/padicure tools.we have a great experience in providing quantity and instruments. We offer private labelling services.

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