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Matrix Band Retainer Ivory 8   Stainless Steel      MS-80-105
Matrix Band Retainer Ivory 8   Stainless Steel      MS-80-105

Matrix Band Retainer Ivory 8 Stainless Steel MS-80-105


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Sold By: Metal Mind Surgico

No. of Units: 10 items per Package

Package Weight: 5.00 kg

Delivery Days: 10

Estimated Delivery Date(If you order today): 14-02-2023

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Feature Overview

  • Matrix Band Retainer Ivory 8   Stainless Steel      MS-80-105
  • Hold the matrix band in place on the paper towel. 
  • use a burnisher or the blunt end of an instrument.
  • such as an examination mirror, to rub against matrix band back and forth.
  • This will introduce curvature into the matrix band.
  • It is not possible to achieve a properly adapted restoration without a matrix band.
  • A matrix band creates a temporary interproximal surface, and, when appropriate.

Colours Available

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SKU: SKU-MENA-1FFFEB2192215EA1587837880

HS Code: 90189023

Categories: Surgical Supplies -> Dental Instruments

  • Consist of a stainless steel band which encircles one proximal surface of a posterior tooth.
  • This is attached to the retainer via a wedge-shaped projection on the retainer.
  • An adjustment screw at the end of the retainer adapts the band to the proximal contour of the prepared tooth.
  • Indication: For the restoration of class II cavity especially when the contact on the unprepared side is very tight
  • Ivory matrix no.Ivory matrix 
  • Compound MatixCompound Matix 
  • Also called a custom made matrix. 
  • Entirely hand made as per the individual case
  • Indication: • 1. for restoring class II cavities involving one or both proximal surfaces.
  • For complex situations like pin amalgam restoration.
  • Advantages: • 1.Highly rigid and stable.
  • Provide good access and visibility for placing the restoration Rust Free Lifetime warranty.
  • Manufactured with the highest quality grade of stainless steel.
  • Products Matrix Band Retainer Ivory Plain.
  • Available in both, Mirror & Dull Finishing.
  • Available in both sizes Standard

Brand MMSG
Country of Orgin Pakistan
Made in (Country) Pakistan
Package Weight 5.00 kg (5.0 kg )
Package Dimensions 10 (l)X 5(w) X 25(h) cm
Colours Available: SILVER,
Type Bone Rongeurs
Model No. MS-80-105
Material Stainless Steel
Usage Dental Clinics

Metal Mind Surgico

Supplier Code: REF-SELL-87

We are eager to serve your esteemed and prestigious organization on the basis of our best quality products, very reasonable prices, just in time delivery and excellent services, which are also the hallmark of our organization. We are Metal Mind Surgical is a private firm, and are successfully running our second-generation family business with an exporting history of almost twenty years. We are situated in the beautiful city of Sialkot in the North of Pakistan, which is a Gateway to the Visitors' Paradise 'Kashmir'. We have one-production units situated as under.

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