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Round Metal Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp Model No. SL-25

Round Metal Basket Himalayan Salt Lamp Model No. SL-25


Bulk Order Only

USD 150.00 USD 170.00

(15 USD per unit )

Sold By: Kan1

No. of Units: 10 items per Package

Package Weight: 40.00 kg

Delivery Days: 14

Estimated Delivery Date(If you order today): 18-02-2023

Selling as Lots/ Bundle : Yes


Note: This item is only for Bulkorders.Please check no. of pieces per Lot.


Feature Overview

  • Round Metal Basket full of Salt Chunks and with CE Certified Fitting 
  • We believe in offering exceptional quality at an exceptional price so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of this Natural Himalayan Salt.
  • Himalayan salt crystal healing warm glow lamps adds a beautiful glow to any room they generate an increased balance of ions that carry positive or negative electrical energy in the air that we breathe, such as televisions, computers, cigarette smoke, air conditioners amongst many others that produce ionized air.

Colours Available
( USD 150.00)    ( 40.0) kg
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SKU: SKU-MENA-B68C8D589E6268E1587121249

HS Code: 85392290

Categories: Home Decor -> Lightning

Himalayan metal fire bowl with salt chunks. ... The Himalayan salt lamp when lit releases a melodious amber glow, the heated Salt Crystal emits negative ions the naturally ionized air produces a peaceful and calming effect which helps you to sleep better at night, enabling you to wake refreshed.

Brand Kan1Salt
Country of Orgin Pakistan
Made in (Country) Pakistan
Package Weight 40.00 kg (40.0 kg )
Package Dimensions 6*6 (l)X 6*6(w) X 6*6(h) cm
Colours Available: MULTICOLOUR,
Power Source AC/DC
What's In The Box 1 x lamp , 1 x Power Cable ,1 x Bulb,


Supplier Code: REF-SELL-39

Himalayan Salt lamps are delightful decorative lights you can buy for your home. They are giving a lot of Health Benefits as well.
We are one of the most magnificent and certitude manufacturer and exporters. We are also dealing in edible salt since 2000. 
We are the most popular salt lamps and edible salt exporters all over the world with 300+ satisfied clients.
We are ready to provide any requirement with reference to the weight, size and quantity of Himalayan Salt Products.

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