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Product Listing Policy

MENABAY General Trading LLC Dubai Product Listing Policy

This Product Listing Policy defines the rules that are to be followed while posting products on Www.menabay.com (Mena Bay General Trading LLC) P.O.Box 80881 Dubai UAE. Please go through the following rules carefully before starting the listing process.

● You shall not post, sell, or buy any item that is banned or forbidden by any law including, the UAE LAW or of any country on Www.menabay.com (Mena Bay General Trading LLC).
● Note that Www.menabay.com (MenaBay General Trading LLC) does not authorities the selling or buying of any products that are illegal, infringe, or can easily be used for unlawful activities.
● As a part of Www.menabay.com (MenaBay General Trading LLC), you are bound to be responsible for posting products that are legal and permissible. Before posting the products/ services, be sure that they are not against the "Product Listing Policy." We reserve all the rights to remove or delete the products listed by any client that violates this policy, without sending a prior notification to the user. We also withhold the rights to suspend the accounts of any member who continuously violates the 'Product listing Policy.'
Here is a list of Products that are restricted from Www.menabay.com (MenaBay General Trading LLC).
● Any and all listings related to the sale of tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs, prescription drugs, narcotics, natural or synthetic drugs, steroids, and such things are strictly prohibited.
● The listing of both orally administered and ingested supplements related to the sexual enhancement is completely banned.
● You are not allowed to post unapproved medical devices, drugs, or controlled substances.
● Counterfeit and replica items, including but not limited to forged products, currency, and stamps, are strictly not allowed to be posted at Www.menabay.com (MenaBay General Trading LLC).
● Replicas of Intellectual Property are not allowed to be listed.
● Conflict minerals from non-compliant countries should not be posted.
● Listings of precious stones like gold, silver, and diamonds are not allowed.
● Tobacco products like cigarettes, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, cigars, cigarette tobacco, chewing tobacco, tobacco leaf, or other related products are strictly forbidden.
● Nicotine and other such liquids for electric cigarettes are banned.
● Listing of fake documents like diplomas, degrees, transit documents, IDs, and licenses are totally banned.
● Pictures of wildlife animals and animal-related items like their skin, organ, claws, shells, teeth, bones, ivory, and other parts are strictly not allowed.
● You are not to post any sort of offers related to financial services, including but not limited to money transfer, credit repair services, issue brank credits, loans, proposals for personal findings, etc.
● Do not list any adult chatting or subscription services.
● Posting of contracts and tickets are also not allowed.
● Posting ads for ammunition, firearms, stun guns, bullets, military weapons, air guns, etc.
● You are not allowed to post jobs or donation requests.
● All the Pornographic, erotic, or adult contents including but not limited to pictures, magazines, DVDs, videos, toys, etc.
● Posting and promoting, hatred or religious images or products are not allowed along with pictures of nudity.

Infringement Policy:

www.menabay.com (MenaBay General Trading LLC). Respects the rights of trademark and copyright holders. We respond to all the Infringement notices and comply with the law. If you believe any content of a client has infringed your copyright, you can notify us with an Email.


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